Your local Liverpool pest control and termite experts
Your local Liverpool pest control and termite experts
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Pest Control Liverpool

Pest Control Liverpool - pest control and termite experts
Pest Control Liverpool
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Liverpool Pest Control Experts

Vina Pest Control are your local experts for all pest control matters in Liverpool. As one of the leading pest control professionals in the Liverpool our extensive knowledge, experience and quality of work is simply unrivalled. When it comes to pests we do it all in Liverpool and the surrounding suburbs.

Remaining local and servicing the Liverpool area enables us to keep our entire pest control services as affordable as possible. Although we’re one of the most affordable pest control services in Liverpool we never compromise our excellent service, we use only the latest and most effective, low toxic chemicals that are safe and also extremely successful when it comes to keeping pests of all types at bay.

Prices start at just $79 for unit treatments and pensioner discounts are available.

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Liverpool Pest Control Services

For a number of years we’ve provided reliable, trustworthy and affordable pest control services throughout the Liverpool area to great effect. We can effectively treat a variety of pests located in both residential and commercial environments.

At Vina Pest Control we’re the local pest control and termite experts and as such we’re fully equipped to handle any pest situation that arises. Common pests that we can easily assist with include:

  • Ants (Black and Brown)
  • Bed Bugs
  • Carpet Beetles
  • Cockroaches (Germans included)
  • Rats and Mice
  • Spiders
  • Termites
  • Wasps

Specialist Termite Services

Being one of the most destructive pests found here in Australia it’s essential that termites are quickly identified and effectively dealt with. Vina Pest Control are absolute specialists when it comes to locating and treating termites.

Reticulation System

A reticulation system keeps a chemical barrier around you’re the foundations of your property and keeps termites away. It’s essential that this system is refilled on a regular basis to ensure your ongoing protection from termites. Contact Vina Pest Control to refill any reticulation system in Liverpool.

Pre Purchase Termite Inspections

Each year termites cause over $1 billion dollars in damage throughout Australia and as many as 1 in 3 homes have active termites located on their property. Don’t risk buying a property at risk of termites. Our specialised pre purchase inspections can be performed on any property type in Liverpool.

Our team will inspect the property so that you can make safe and fully informed decision on your purchase. Call us on 0431 289 879 to arrange your pre purchase inspection today.

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Pest Control Experts Servicing Liverpool

We’re the local pest control experts that have been servicing Liverpool and the surrounding areas for a number of years. Other areas we service include Blacktown, Campbelltown, Liverpool, Merrylands, Parramatta, Cabramatta and Fairfield. No matter where you’re located you can always expert friendly service and expert work and an affordable rate.

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Pest Control Liverpool

Pest Control in Liverpool

We’re the local experts for pest control in Liverpool. With years of experience and a reputation for always delivering an efficient yet lasting pest solution, you can always rely on Vina Pest Control in Liverpool. Contact us for a quote today.

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